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What is your diagnosis?

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What is your diagnosis?

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In this section interesting cases or topics are presented with the intention of promoting Continuing Education, using a concise and didactic model.

Our goal is for all SEC members to actively participate, mostly by using the many cytological presentations made in Spain throughout the year and transforming them into shorter teaching cases.

It would also serve for other non-member colleagues, who are welcomed to join and participate in this training initiative.

In each case a maximum of five photograhs (.jpg), a short clinical history (3-4 lines in Word), the name the participants, as well as the Hospital or location of origin. The presenter´s personal photograph may be added as well.

After analyzing the case, the best diagnostic choice must be elected from the four proposed ones. Afterwards, the system will provide the correct option and the comment made by the person presenting the case, which will not exceed 2000 characters including spaces (in Word).

It is necessary to register for the first time with the basic required data not including conditions other than being interest in cytology, in order to obtain an access password (sign in). When you enter the page, you will access to the last published case. From this page you can access the rest of the cases that are published by clicking on “all cases”. Once on this second page, you can search for the cases either by the words that appear in their text with “search”or by organs.

Once the case has been received, it will be evaluated before its acceptance for publication.

For case submission or for any additional information needed, please contact us cualestudiagnostico@secitologia.org